2 Inch Tape, named after the multi-track tape medium used in studio recording prior to the digital age, favours vintage instruments and sound-production principles true to the analogue era. If you couldn’t do it in the 70s, you probably won’t find it on a 2 Inch Tape album. The success of the music therefore relies on the strength of each song, and the band’s ability to give the songs life. As an 8 piece band, this diverse group of musicians is able to beg, borrow and steal from multiple genres in order to create a sound that is truly unique

Additional musicians will bolster the octet on stage to ensure the new album ‘Control’ is presented as intended – as an album rather than a collection of songs. Strings, Theremin, Saxophone, Pedal Steel Guitar and a rhythm section that can groove, rock or just float away will combine to take the audience on a journey exploring themes of control… or the lack thereof.

Through his lyrics, songwriter Simon Rigoni freely explores his personal experiences; taking the traditional singer-songwriter genre and giving it a 2 Inch Tape twist. The listener is invited to interpret each song, and to engage in any or all of the layers, including both the humour and the darkness. Whilst genres will be tampered with and quickly disregarded, 2 Inch Tape consistently charms with a lyrical and musical irony that is a constant on which you can depend.


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